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Code EAN 13 : 9780007350773

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4.90 €

Disponibilité: Expédié sous 4 à 10 jours

Auteur: XXX

Description du format : Livre Papier

This edition of the book is great as the author's original spelling has been left unchanged, and it's not full of appendixes and notes. (5 Star Amazon Reviewer )
This edition has good quality paper, is well laid out, nice clear print (not too small), and is very well bound (5 Star Amazon Reviewer )
I really like the style of this book. The hardback, has a nice texture, and reminds me of one of those books that were around in the "Pride and Prejudice" time period (old-fashioned, vintage).. i like that:) I was very pleased with the useful notes and chronology information etc within this version, has helped me alot in understanding, further, this story etc. Was a very good purchase for a very good price.. (5 Star Amazon Reviewer )

Code EAN 13 9780007350773
Auteur XXX
Genre Livres en Anglais
Disponibilité Expédié sous 4 à 10 jours
Date de parution 26/03/2010
Support Broché
Description du format Version Papier
Poids 228 g
Hauteur 177 mm
Largeur 110 mm
Épaisseur 26 mm
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